Toto’s Burger Bar – Perfect spot for burger fans

I began my journey to find the perfect burger place in Split. I had visited almost all the bars in my neighborhood, an finaly find this spot, The Toto’s Burger Bar.

I visited Toto’s Burger Bar, the variety of burgers, the quality and the exceptional taste just blew my mind.

If it’s true that we eat with our eyes, then it stands to reason that the design of the Toto’s Burger Bar is delicious as the food they serve. Toto’s design and food come together in perfect harmony, very modern and casual. The owners say you can get the impression of a comfortable enviroment and feel like at home. The kitchen is open where guests can see the whole process of preparing food.

The burgers they make are super delicious and the staff is very friendly, serving everything you want with a smile. The location of the bar is also attractive and it allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and small fisherman boats in „mandrač Matejuška“.

My favorite burger is the Chicken Burger with sweet potato fries, I absolutely recommend it! Truly outstanding. The food looked divine and tasty. The meat was extremely juicy with great flavors, what amazed me was that the burger not only tasted delicious but was also healthy, as they used all the freshest vegetables and ingredients. The fries were perfectly crispy.

The service was great. I loved the welcoming and warm atmosphere of Toto’ Burger Bar. I believe that Toto’s Burger Bar is the best place in Split to taste a real Burger. It was a great experience, food and atmosphere.

If you want a quick and delicious bite to eat, just go and visit Toto’s Burger Bar.

I absolutely recommend it!

Dubravka Pajk Photography /