17th Regatta of Jabuka

The legendary offshore regatta takes sailors along 110 miles enduring route Vodice – Jabuka – Vodice. The regatta has been taking place each year since 2003 organized by the Tijat Sailing Club from Vodice. The regatta is famous for the spectacular night start and mystical Jabuka (translated Apple).

The island of Jabuka is an uninhabited volcanic island. Jabuka is actually a very large, steep, 97 meter high cliff in the shape of a pyramid. It can only be accessed from the southwestern side during favorable weather conditions.

It takes a lot of knowledge and skills to sail here. When there were no motorboats, only the bravest, most enduring fishermen dared go to the island in order to provide for their families by catching large fish and trapping valued lobsters.

The island is both a remarkable and frightening sight during nice weather in summer but in winter, when the winds blow causing large waves, Jabuka turns into a life-threatening adventure.

The coastline is quite inaccessible and rarely does the man land – the most due to wavy sea which  is almost always in the open sea. It is therefore not surprising that regatta Jabuka is the most respected offshore regatta, characterized by strong winds and exhausting sailing.

This regatta under the slogan ‘Bite the Apple’ is a bait-man with top sailors from Croatia and numerous European and world countries, Slovenia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany , Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Russia, those true adrenaline lovers in adrenaline sailing for many years.The history of the Jabuka began 17 years ago, as a end-of-season regatta, organized as a regatta for few highly-trained crews. Just 15 teams took part in the 1st Jabuka edition. Over time the Jabuka Regatta is becoming more international. Last year 70 sailboats sailed under foreign flags. This year over one hundred boats (106) line up at the start line, in the Vodice port, and the regatta is sailed by professional sailors, amateur racers and cruisers, all participating in an regatta that every sea dog should experience at least once.

This year’s „Regatta Jabuka“ has been followed by a strong wind Jugo. 100 NM long regatta Jabuka was scheduled to start on Friday night from Vodice to the rock of Jabuka and back, but because of weather forecast, the start of the regatta had to be postponed to 7am Saturday. Also the path was changed, the route course 2. – start in front of Vodice, Sestre shoal, Jabuka on port, back on rock Mulo, finish line in front Vodice, because the wind was around 40 knots, which could be dangerous for small cruiser boats.

The fastest was the Slovenian sailboat “Taia 2 & White Goose” which needed 14:53:23 hours of sailing to complete the regatta.

Results can be viewed on the official website of the organizer, JK Tiat Vodice.

Join next year on Jabuka Regatta, guaranteed fun and top level sailing.

Photos by www.sailing-photo.com